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Judson and Brown Elementary School

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Mission Statement

Judson & Brown Mission Statement

We are the professional educators of Judson & Brown Elementary School, who provide a curriculum aligned to state standards through challenging and meaningful learning opportunities to our diverse student population so that they achieve grade-level academic standards and become lifelong learners.

Judson & Brown Library Mural by Artist Larry Dierdorff

Judson & Brown Library Mural by Local Artist Larry Dierdorff

Judson and Brown Elementary School
Judson and Brown Elementary School
Excellence in Education
1401 East Pennsylvania Avenue

School Information

Judson & Brown Elementary School, the first new school built in the city of Redlands in forty years, opened its doors to students on August 16, 2006. The school is named in honor of Redlands’ founding fathers Edward G. Judson and Frank Elwood Brown. Mr. Judson and Mr. Brown were very instrumental in developing the preliminary map of the city and starting the East Redlands Water Co., which was instrumental in bringing water to the city. An original company stock certificate, which was signed and dated on November 4, 1886 by Mr. Judson and Mr. Brown, is displayed in the school administration building.

Judson & Brown Elementary is home to two Redlands Unified School District Special Day Classes, two San Bernardino County Special Day Classes, and a Medical Therapy Unit (MTU), which provides physical and occupational therapy to special education students. The school enrollment is approximately 500 students in grades K-5. Judson & Brown, located at the corner of Judson Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, is surrounded by orange groves and has a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountain range from Cajon Pass to Crafton Hills.

PEACEBUILDER Mural on Judson & Brown Kindergarten Playground

Peace Builder Program

As a PeaceBuilder school, we seek to be consistent with the pledge we recite each day:
I am a PeaceBuilder.
I pledge:

  • To give up put-downs,
  • To seek wise people,
  • To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused,
  • To right wrongs,
  • To help others.

I will build peace at home, at school, and in my community each day.


Peace Builders Pledge

Peace Builders Pledge

Peace Builders Matrix


Peace Builders Matrix